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Inductive Blogging and Recursive Writing

For my latest blog post, I wanted to take a couple of statements about the Indian economy and use them as an example of economic jargon that needs to be simplified. As I worked on the post, I realized that it would be a (slightly) long-ish one. There were many things that I had to write to complete the story. In short, it was a mini-essay.

I distribute my writing between this site and

If the writing includes a bit of involved information gathering and the piece becomes long, I post that on my Sulekha account. That is, the cases where I have to spend more time to gather information (i.e., research). This blog (livejournal) normally is what I encounter in my professional / personal life and includes some thoughts along with the information that comes to me. If I output as a blogger, the piece ends up here on this blog. If I output as a writer, the piece goes to Sulekha.

Hence my piece on the economic jargon will go to my account in the near future.

With the realization that I wouldn't be posting the blog entry on economic jargon, this Sunday afternoon I paused my writing and watched the DVD of Hindi movie Udaan. I became so squeamish watching it. The thoughts that came to my mind, mainly about its drawbacks and how would I have written such movie scripts tempted me to write another essay. But then, I would do it a bit later. Most probably I would post that one too on my account.

So! What have I written for now? Take an example to discuss the general principles. Then write about the writing that I will do. Induction and recursion are indeed in a programmer’s DNA.


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