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Hello Live Journal
Yahoo Pulse blog sucks. A few weeks ago, after updating my Yahoo profile, I realized that Yahoo was offering blogging feature on the profile page. I have the Yahoo mail id since 1999. Hence out of loyalty, and I was weary of creating new accounts on blog sites, so I started using it.

I made a few posts on Yahoo pulse blog. On the last post, "Procrastinate For Happiness", after pasting my entry, I got a message saying that the post was exceeding the limit by 300+ characters. Until then I did not realize that Yahoo Pulse blog had a character limit.

At first I did not understand what was the limit, After a few checks, I opened a new post entry, and then I saw below the text area that it allows a maximum of 5000 characters. In a typical post, I think I would not exceed 5000 characters. However, I don't want to have that "restrictive" feeling imposed by the 5000 character limit and would like to freely write my blog entries.

Yahoo Pulse blog sucks.

I started finding out all possible methods to communicate with Yahoo support as to how to get this limit exceeded. I was even ready to pay a small amount of money, if there was an upgrade programme. However, the live chat with support did not work. Nor was there any email that i could complain to. The only option was to post a question on Yahoo answers. I did that, but got no replies.

Yahoo Pulse blog sucks.

During my post dinner browsing sessions before going to bed, I do twagination i.e., twitter navigation. I have a few twitter ids that I follow, so I click on one of the ids in my twitter home page, go to their profile page, where they would have tweeted individual messages to twitter ids. I click on a random twitter id, go to that profile page, and if they have a web home page or blog, I read that, go back to the profile page, and then click on another random twitter id. If I do not interesting pages, Twitter itself suggests "Who to follow", from where I start my clicks. And thus continues my twagination.

During the twagination sessions a couple of days ago, I landed upon a livejournal page (Monica Singh) and kinda liked the simplicity of this provider.

Yesterday, I checked if the id mahboob was available. Live Journal said that for a rename fee, I could get the id "mahboob". I first created an account with mahboob_h, paid the rename fee of $15, and got the username mahboob. Thus was born

Yahoo Pulse blog and its customer service suck big time.

This is my first entry on live journal. Hello Live Journal.

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